commit commentary

Simple and accessible code improvement tips posted as a comment on your Github commits.

About (beta)

Questions, bugs and issues should be directed to the site's Github account. It is still in Beta.


Gitdude is a service that runs ESLint – with your custom configuration – on code commited to your Github repository. This is how you get started:

  • Sign in with your Github account (in the top right corner)

  • Add the Github repository you want to commit comments on

  • Configure the ESLint configuration for the repository (using JSON)

  • Click the "Activate" button and Gitdude will start commenting on your Github commits

Note: Gitdude do NOT commit any code to your repository, only a discreet comment on your commits on Github.

To do

Gitdude is still very early in the process and I have – and perhaps you too – improvements ideas. You are welcome to open an issue on the Github.


My name is Lasse T. and I am a danish programmer living and working in Berlin. I love building my own projects. My Github account. (beta) 2020·Home